The Bakery

The heritage of the Bakery tradition

In 1999 the bakery La Giralda de Castilla open the doors due to the acquired knowledge in the family business, Leonardo bakery, and with the intention of generating self-employment. In this way, starts a project that is near to 20 years offering first quality and unique products that bets for the quality of our raw materials.

La Giralda de Castilla takes advantage of 4 factors:

  1. Hight knowledge of the products made in the family tradition.
  2. Rise of the local gastronomy in Matapozuelos (Valladolid).
  3. To be the first handmade bakery shop placed in the downtown of the village.
  4. Recover the typical flavours and cakes of each of our local celebrations.

La Giralda de Castilla Bakery was born by the family tradition based in combine handmade bakery with innovation in the product. In our bakery shop you will find al the delights you can imagine: pine nut cookies, our famous green wine mantecados, and our salted specialities, pork, pickled rabbit, and tuna fish pasties. In our shop you will also find the best local products as Rueda white wines, cheese, and first quality pork sausages.

Handmade Bakery

From its inception, La Giralda de Castilla has opted for a very specific work philosophy: to expand the product offer, guaranteeing a totally homemade preparation and respecting, as far as possible, the use of raw materials from the community (local sugar, flour of Castile and oil and eggs of nearby villages.

In addition to typical Bakery products in popular celebrations as fried donuts we make make different cookies, cakes and mantecados at the same time we are developing new products as the Pickled Rabbit Pasty, a very representative product of Matapozuelos and to this day well known throughout the province of Valladolid and Castilla y León.

All the homemade products elaborated by La Giralda de Castilla have given us a prosperous client portfolio and a market expansion. Due to continuous and incessant growth, we have recently opened a new bakery, which allows us to attend to a larger network distribution. On the one hand, we have doubled the work surface while, on the other, we have expanded the store with artisan products in Matapozuelos.


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